101 in 1001: My Check List

I love lists. Lists help me to stay organised and focussed and to get things done. This is the ultimate check list: 101 in 1001. I’m not entirely sure of its origins, though Google tells me it all began at DayZeroProject.com, and to be truthful I hadn’t heard about it til my dear friend Taylor of DearFriendsBlog.com posted her 101 in 1001. As soon as I started reading her list, I knew that this would be the perfect way to help keep me on track in achieving things I want to achieve.

101 in 1001: How It Works

To put it simply, you do 101 things in 1001 days (roughly 2.75 years). Pick a start date, and count forward 1001 days (or you can use this quicksticks online calculator, like I did). My start date is today, Thursday 9 July 2015, so that means I will complete my 1001 days on Thursday 5 April 2018. I’ll cross off each achievement and date it as I go, and will try to capture each moment in pictures. And yes, who knows if I’ll still be here blogging in 2.75 years but I sure hope to be. Without further ado, in no particular order…

101 in 1001: Alexie RicRac’s Epic List

1. Hang kitchen curtains in our current apartment
2. Go on an overseas holiday
3. Enter and compete in a pin-up competition
4. Save $10 a week (1001 / 7 = 143 x 10 = $1430)
5. Buy a vintage hat
6. Learn how to sew
7. Plant an edible garden in my planter boxes
8. Move to a bigger apartment/house
9. Attend a rockabilly/vintage festival as a trader
10. Get married
11. Read one book per month, minimum
12. Go on a cruise
13. Go to the Moonlight Cinema during summer
14. Have a photo shoot with Derriere by JLP
15. Visit Western Australia
16. Visit a hedge maze
17. Play Hide and Seek in Ikea
18. Have a real Christmas tree
19. Go to the cinema once a month
20. Watch IMDB’s Top 250
21. Sing karaoke with friends
22. Get a massage
23. Get a wedding photo printed by Imogen Stone
24. Cook at least one meal per week (The Mister does our cooking)
25. Do a winter wonderland vintage/pin up shoot
26. Make ice cream from scratch
27. Dance in the rain
28. Build my collection of vintage clothing
29. Go to the ballet
30. See a paid exhibit at the National Gallery of Victoria
31. Ride a tram route from start to finish that I haven’t already done
32. Meet an online friend in person
33. Have a baby
34. Go to Far North Queensland
35. Take vintage styling classes
36. Go to the cricket at the MCG or Etihad Stadium
37. Find a group in the community that fits with my values and volunteer regularly
38. Watch the sun set
39. Go to a music festival
40. Go on a picnic
41. Have a successful small business
42. Eat cake for breakfast
43. Walk the Solar System
44. Complete the Elwood Art Deco Walk
45. Build my vintage jewellery collection
46. Take a short course in graphic design
47. Bake a sweet treat once a month
48. Write an e-book
49. Go to a concert
50. Buy a pair of vintage shoes
51. Reach 1,000 Instagram followers (469/1000)
52. Reach 2,000 Facebook followers (166/2000)
53. Get published in a magazine – digital or print
54. Design two new invitations per month, minimum
55. Learn to knit properly
56. Learn to crochet
57. Get my flute repaired
58. Continue with learning Spanish
59. Pay for someone’s coffee order behind me
60. Go to the drive-in movies
61. Rent a classic car for a weekend holiday
62. Compliment a stranger at least once a week
63. Try a new cuisine
64. Enjoy home cooked meals every day for a week
65. Start my second degree
66. Stop using chemicals in the home
67. Go a whole month without buying anything for my wardrobe, accessories included
68. Get my superannuation into an ethical superannuation fund
69. Change banks
70. Visit the Victorian snow fields during summer and winter
71. Visit the Blue Mountains
72. See a film at The Astor
73. Go to the Melbourne Gangster’s Ball
74. Go ten pin bowling
75. Buy an item of clothing made by Pin Up Girl Clothing – second hand
76. Dine at Attica
77. Buy all the Style Me Vintage books
78. Buy all of Nicole Jenkins’ books
79. Make shortbread star trees for Christmas gifts
80. Make a gingerbread house for Christmas
81. Celebrate Christmas in July in Maldon
82. See a play in a theatre
83. Read one random Wikipedia article per month
84. Take swing dancing lessons
85. Buy a Zoos Victoria membership
86. Go to a movie by myself
87. No chocolate for a month
88. No ice cream for a month
89. Eat fish once a week
90. Eat a meatless meal once a week
91. Write a letter to a friend overseas
92. Have a date night once a month
93. Go to the Australian Open Women’s and Men’s Grand Final
94. Hang photos on our walls
95. Create a budget and stick to it
96. Be in a position to afford to pay someone to clean our house
97. Make time for me
98. Write a love letter to The Mister for our wedding day
99. Go mini-golfing
100. Graduate
101. See 10 classic movies I’ve never seen

How will I keep track of my accomplishments?

Despite my normal processes (why waste paper, power and toner/ink if I can have it in digital form…unless it is a book), I will print this list out so I can have visual cues. I will capture moments in pictorial form where possible, otherwise you’ll have to take my word for it. I’m not one to make a list and cross things off if I haven’t done it.
You can also follow my 101 in 1001 progress on my DayZeroProject.com profile.
Pictures will be added at the end of each month, but if you follow me on instagram you can see the moments as they happen.

Do you have a list of goals you’d like to achieve in the next few years? Or perhaps you’d like to start one? Check out DayZeroProject.com Leave me a comment below telling me your hopes and dreams.