Australia Day Long Weekend

It’s a long weekend here in Australia as we recognise the settlement of white man back in 1788. For some it is a day of celebration, and for our native people it is a day of mixed emotions, with a great deal of Aborigines using the day to voice their sadness and disappointment at the failure to recognise Aboriginal people as the first settlers of Australia.

I had planned on digging up some classic images of Australia Day celebrations, but unfortunately I’ve been sick since waking up Saturday morning so my weekend of research has been thrown by the wayside for resting on the couch watching the tennis while The Mister (who is responsible for me being sick) made me countless cups of green tea with lemon and honey, berry smoothies, and breakfast, lunch, and dinner. It’s not often I am wiped out by sickness, I tend to soldier on and push through, but this one steam rolled me.

Aus Day Long Weekend Pick Me Ups

Along with the crew of Ch. 7 and the amazing athletes competing at the Australian Open, this is how I’ve gotten through the last two days. I even slept with a lozenge in my mouth to soothe my throat overnight Saturday/Sunday (I didn’t choke, I’m writing this post). Ordinarily I prefer the soft Throaties but the little shop at the end of our street (and around the corner but really, that’s just details) didn’t have any.

First Saturday of Aus Open

Serena Williams’ third round match against Elina Svitolina

With a little luck, I’ll be feeling more energetic later in the week and can tackle my projects that were planned for this weekend.
How did you spend your long weekend?