Happy Birthday, Grandma. Wish You Were Here.

Before I was even thought about, my grandmother died at age 48. My mum was just 14 years old. Today, 26 November 2015, Grandma would have turned 90. As I grow older, I am more aware of how not having loved ones around on their birthdays and other important occasions is. I can’t even begin to imagine how my mum and her siblings cope on Grandma’s birthday, the anniversary of her death, and in every day life. Although I wasn’t even on the horizon when Grandma died, as I grow older I realise that I miss her: I miss that I cannot ask her questions about what it was like to live in the 40s and 50s, I miss that I cannot ask her what my mum was like as a child (though accounts from mum and her siblings indicate my mum was a little bit of a cheeky thing), I miss that I cannot ask her to teach me to sew (she was a tailoress), but most of all, I miss that my mum did not get to watch her mum grow old.  Read more

Ugly Christmas Jumpers: What To Wear Wednesday #14

Every Christmas a little part of me wishes for a cooler climate, a few inches of snow under foot, snuggling in front of an open fire with a good mug of hot chocolate, and a White Christmas. Being in Australia pretty much nullifies all my chances of this happening but it doesn’t stop me wanting to wear an ugly Christmas jumper. You know the kind of jumper I’m talking about: knitted, patterns of snowflakes, reindeer, bells, all that wintry Christmas stuff. Stuff that we don’t experience here in Australia at Christmas.

Here’s a quick round-up of ugly Christmas jumpers – or sweaters – that took my fancy on Polyvore. A mix of his and hers, and something for your special geek.

These ugly Christmas jumpers are all I have ever wanted. I look at eBay from time to time to see if anyone in Australia is selling one. I’d wear it in July to celebrate Christmas in July. Strangely enough, there are two Christmas jumpers for sale on eBay here in Melbourne. What are the odds!? I just searched for Christmas jumper, narrowed my search to used and Australia only.

Which of these is your favourite ugly Christmas jumper? I think mine is probably the cardi, followed closely by the one with the shoulder trim and the Doctor Who jumper.

My Month In Pictures: October 2015

During the second week of October, I realised I didn’t round up September’s Month In Pictures. Time just plumb got away from me. Never fear though, I’m here with the October edition which I’m afraid is rather boring, at least from a social media viewpoint, I wasn’t particularly active on Instagram!

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Skin Care Summer Lovin’: Friday Finds #12

If I asked you what is the one thing you want to do to better prepare yourself for summer, what would you say? To look amazing in my swimsuit, or perhaps to make sure that the air conditioning is fixed, or maybe even to ensure the pool is clean.
All valid, but none of those answers are on my agenda, except for maybe the swimsuit. For me, it’s about making sure my beautiful lily white skin stays lily white, and hydrated.

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Every Day Vintage Style: Why You Need Netflix

Two weeks ago, The Mister and I did something I vowed we wouldn’t: We got Netflix. When Netflix hit our shores in March, neither The Mister nor I saw the need nor did we have the desire to get Netflix. Call us silly or call us intuitive – we dodged a bullet with all the intarwebs slow-down that happened when everyone in Australia joined! – but we finally decided that we wanted to have more options at our fingertips and just like that, at the family dinner table whilst celebrating Rosh Hashanah, we subscribed to the joyous world of Netflix.

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Sisterhood of the World Bloggers

Blogging can be a tough gig, but the one thing I’ve learned is that you can never have too many blogging friends, and no matter how far apart you are, you always have the internet to help keep you connected. I’m so very grateful for my blogging friends, because without them I might not have kept plugging away at Alexie RicRac. One of those people I have to thank for supporting me is Taylor from Dear Friends. Taylor has just nominated me for the Sisterhood of the World Bloggers award. I’m so thankful for the nomination, and excited to share a little more about me with you.

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How To Get Into A Better Routine Right Now

We’ve had intermittent internet for the last little while, and I thought I’d take that time to disconnect from the online world and turn my attention to our home. It’s been a little unloved and has become quite the dumping ground since our collision (our lounge room effectively became the holding area for the contents of our car) but as we have our new (not brand new, 5 years old) car, it’s all been moved back. This has motivated The Mister and I to get our house and our lives back into tip-top shape, starting with our routine.

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Soda Shop Sweets: What To Wear Wednesday #13

Phew, it’s been a long time between drinks. The last time I did a What To Wear Wednesday was in June. New season finds are popping up everywhere, so I thought it was high time I got back on the bandwagon and delivered you some fun, gorgeous, vintage inspired springtime fashion.

Soda Shop Sweets

Polyvore notified me that someone I follow on Twitter recently joined Polyvore. That someone was Lindy Bop. Once upon a time I would look at Lindy Bop’s site at least once a week but I’ve had to put the stop on that as it was far too dangerous. Now that they’re on Polyvore, it’s much easier to create What To Wear Wednesday outfits for you, and that is exactly what I’ve done today.

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Life Without A Car…For Now

Warning: This post contains images of car damage that may cause distress to some. Please be aware that no serious injury or fatality resulted from these accidents.

The Mister and I live just 9 kilometres south of the Melbourne CBD. When we were looking for a new place four years ago, adequate transport connections within walking distance of our house was paramount. We found a place that fit the bill just nicely: the tram is ~300m, the bus is ~500m, and the train is 800m. For the second time in 2.5 years, The Mister and I are currently without a private mode of transport after our car was written off just two days after our wedding. Needless to say, we are incredibly thankful for these public transport connections yet again as we face life without a car.

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