My Month in Pictures: August 2015

August is done and dusted, and now it’s time to get back into the swing of things. August is always an incredibly hectic month for us, and this August was no different: We celebrated birthdays, new homes, and the very best day of my life, our marriage. There was a lot of final touches and planning that needed to be taken care of during August but that also meant there was a great opportunity to take lots of pictures.

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Guest Post: Lisa from Retro Housewife Goes Green

Welcome, Lisa From Retro Housewife Goes Green!

While I’m taking some downtime after the wedding, I’ve asked the lovely Lisa from Retro Housewife Goes Green to share some spring cleaning tips with us today. I met Lisa on Twitter on the monthly #VintageChat.
Spring is just around the corner so I thought it was high time to get these fresh tips to make your home more sprightly this season! I can’t wait to include these methods into my routine.

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Wedding Week Guest Post Series: Katie Writes Stuff

Welcome, Katie from Katie Writes Stuff!

Hello there! My name is Katie and I hail from the hopefully self-explanatory blog, Katie Writes Stuff. The lovely Hollie invited me to write a guest post on her blog while she is busy preparing for what I am sure will be an amazing wedding and I was more than delighted to accept. This means we are probably doing the blog equivalent of awkwardly standing around while our hostess is off fetching the tea and cakes but I’m sure we’ll be able to make conversation because if we’re all fans of Alexie RicRac, then we must have plenty in common.

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Wedding Week Guest Post Series: Dear Friends Blog

Welcome, Taylor from Dear Friends!

 photo pin-up makeup look_zpsrlmynqe5.jpg

Hey friends!

My name is Taylor Lanier and I am taking over the blog for Hollie today! I blog over on Dear Friends, so come and check me out after you’re done hanging out with us for the day! Hollie is a dear friend of mine – one of my best Internet friends for sure. So when I found out that she needed some people to guest post for her, I happily hopped on the opportunity.

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Procrastinating Beauty Blogger Tag

Although I’m not strictly a beauty blogger, when I saw that my friend Taylor from Dear Friends had answered the Procrastinating Beauty Bogger Tag, I was mildly interested to answer, especially as I am not really into beauty routines and regimens. Then I got to the bottom and saw she had gone and tagged me, so here I am, the non-beauty routine sustainable vintage gal about to answer some questions about procrastinating beauty.

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My Month in Pictures: July 2015

It’s August already. And it’s six days in. So much for getting this post done on the first of every month. The Mister and I get married this month (hence why I’ve been a little quiet of late), but it feels just like yesterday we became engaged. Even though I’ve been under the radar and not delivering you new content (which I will explain in a later post), I still managed to find the time to snap some memories to immortalise them in the world of social media, but also just to capture the moment to look back on rather than just a memory. July in pictures, right here, right now.

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Vintage Wedding: Friday Finds #11

As you can imagine, with only thirty days until The Mister and I say ‘I Do’, my head is consumed by all things wedding. Whether it’s trying to figure out place settings, song lists, worry about whether or not I’ve put on a little bit too much winter padding for my dress (that’s another post altogether)…whatever it is, if it’s wedding related you can guarantee it has, is, or will be running through my mind at a million miles an hour. Today I bring to you some of Etsy’s finest vintage wedding finds – but they aren’t strictly wedding!

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GoGet: Sharing is caring

DISCLAIMER: This is not a sponsored post.

In February, I volunteered at the Sustainable Living Festival for my second (of what I hope to be many) consecutive year. This year’s festival theme was ‘Beat the Heat’, rather ironic really given that our summer was almost non-existent (a testament to climate change, perhaps?), and some days, under the big marquee that was the festival hub, we were screaming out for the heat to leave us alone. There were a number of displays at the festival hub, including a car from GoGet. The hub’s supervisor, Carolyn, had been speaking with the GoGet guy and knowing that I am keen on sustainability and that I was looking for work, she informed him about me, and then me about him when I returned, and told me to chat with him the next day to see if he might have any work going. That GoGet guy, Chas, we had a great chat, and within a couple of weeks, I became a GoGet employee. Almost six months later, I love working as a brand ambassador for GoGet as a part of their Melbourne Street Team. It’s true, I love my job and yes, I am one of those people who stand on a street in Melbourne handing out fliers to people, but you know what, it’s one of the best jobs I’ve ever had. Why? Because I get to plant the seed and educate people about the amazing benefits of car sharing.

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101 in 1001: My Check List

I love lists. Lists help me to stay organised and focussed and to get things done. This is the ultimate check list: 101 in 1001. I’m not entirely sure of its origins, though Google tells me it all began at, and to be truthful I hadn’t heard about it til my dear friend Taylor of posted her 101 in 1001. As soon as I started reading her list, I knew that this would be the perfect way to help keep me on track in achieving things I want to achieve.

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Liquid Liner By Australis: Review

Hello, my name is Hollie and I am a pin-up who has never owned nor applied liquid eye liner. Well, up until yesterday, at least. Shush now, I can hear you all gasping and feigning horror at such a declaration, but just hear me out, my explanation is perfectly acceptable!

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