Skin Care Summer Lovin’: Friday Finds #12

If I asked you what is the one thing you want to do to better prepare yourself for summer, what would you say? To look amazing in my swimsuit, or perhaps to make sure that the air conditioning is fixed, or maybe even to ensure the pool is clean.
All valid, but none of those answers are on my agenda, except for maybe the swimsuit. For me, it’s about making sure my beautiful lily white skin stays lily white, and hydrated.

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Wedding Week Guest Post Series: Dear Friends Blog

Welcome, Taylor from Dear Friends!

 photo pin-up makeup look_zpsrlmynqe5.jpg

Hey friends!

My name is Taylor Lanier and I am taking over the blog for Hollie today! I blog over on Dear Friends, so come and check me out after you’re done hanging out with us for the day! Hollie is a dear friend of mine – one of my best Internet friends for sure. So when I found out that she needed some people to guest post for her, I happily hopped on the opportunity.

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Procrastinating Beauty Blogger Tag

Although I’m not strictly a beauty blogger, when I saw that my friend Taylor from Dear Friends had answered the Procrastinating Beauty Bogger Tag, I was mildly interested to answer, especially as I am not really into beauty routines and regimens. Then I got to the bottom and saw she had gone and tagged me, so here I am, the non-beauty routine sustainable vintage gal about to answer some questions about procrastinating beauty.

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Liquid Liner By Australis: Review

Hello, my name is Hollie and I am a pin-up who has never owned nor applied liquid eye liner. Well, up until yesterday, at least. Shush now, I can hear you all gasping and feigning horror at such a declaration, but just hear me out, my explanation is perfectly acceptable!

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Pin-up’s Against Bullying

A few months ago, just as I was starting my small business course, I was doing some research into the online pin-up and vintage community. I wanted to find out the best groups to be a part of and to network with. Ideally I wanted predominantly Australian groups but if I could find others that fit my bill, I was happy to join those too. During this search I found Pin-up’s Against Bullying, Inc. – Australia. Straight away I felt the heart strings being pulled and I knew I had to be a part of this community, even if it meant just following and liking everything religiously.

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Pretty Pastels Palette by Australis: Review

Late in January, Australis had a rather hefty online sale to the tune of fifty per cent off. Not only did they offer fifty per cent off,  if you spent over $50 you also got free postage. A friend and I pooled our orders together, and although we didn’t make the $50 free postage spend – which I should add is standard for the site – we walked away with a swag of products.

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Dyeing Inside: A change is as good as a holiday

They say a change is as good as a holiday, and right now the budget only extends to one of those things, and I can tell you that it’s not a holiday! The last time I dyed my hair was November 2013 and it was a slight disaster. What was meant to be a lovely red turned out to be chocolate mahogany. The only image I can find is a really grainy selfie, so you’ll just have to take my word for it that is was NOT what it was meant to be. I’m confident in dyeing my own hair, and when I showed my hairdresser the images of the packaging compared with what my hair looked like, she even concluded that the wrong dye was put in the pack. It’s taken until now, April 2015 for my hair to be back to its natural colour, but I’m ready for a change!

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Friday Finds #4

If there is one thing that I absolutely love about myself it’s my skin. I was blessed with the amazing peaches and cream complexion from my British heritage (thanks Dad!), and as I journey through my early thirties I’m still lucky enough to have quite youthful skin. Now, I’m the first to admit that I don’t follow a skin care regime. I don’t know if this works for or against me, but so far it’s okay. This week I’m going to show you my favourite skin health and care products to keep my skin looking the way it does, even if I do not use them all the time.

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Style Icon: Marilyn Monroe

Marilyn Monroe: A woman needing no introduction. A woman who, although I admire her greatly, I do not tend to count her as one of my style icons. Why? Simply put, there are so many others who do. Don’t get me wrong, Ms Monroe is incredible, but I’ve never really been a part of the flock, rather ahead or behind.

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