My Month In Pictures: October 2015

During the second week of October, I realised I didn’t round up September’s Month In Pictures. Time just plumb got away from me. Never fear though, I’m here with the October edition which I’m afraid is rather boring, at least from a social media viewpoint, I wasn’t particularly active on Instagram!

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My Month in Pictures: August 2015

August is done and dusted, and now it’s time to get back into the swing of things. August is always an incredibly hectic month for us, and this August was no different: We celebrated birthdays, new homes, and the very best day of my life, our marriage. There was a lot of final touches and planning that needed to be taken care of during August but that also meant there was a great opportunity to take lots of pictures.

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My Month in Pictures: July 2015

It’s August already. And it’s six days in. So much for getting this post done on the first of every month. The Mister and I get married this month (hence why I’ve been a little quiet of late), but it feels just like yesterday we became engaged. Even though I’ve been under the radar and not delivering you new content (which I will explain in a later post), I still managed to find the time to snap some memories to immortalise them in the world of social media, but also just to capture the moment to look back on rather than just a memory. July in pictures, right here, right now.

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My Month In Pictures: June 2015

Wow, would you look at that, it’s July already. Where on earth did the last month go? Heck, who am I kidding – we’ve just cycled through the first half of the year!  We’re now one step closer to the finer weather of the year, even if we do still have two months of winter to go.

June was a bit of a mixed bag here at ARR HQ. On the first day of the month I submitted my final assignment ever (!!) and just a few days later, Alexie RicRac was officially allowed to commence trade as a licensed second hand trader (still a lot going on to get this up and running – I’ve been sidelined with a wedding to plan, but it’s getting there!). As such, it’s been pretty quiet on the blog and pictorial front this month, but here’s what happened on Instagram in June, and of course, a round up of what didn’t make it to Instagram!

My Instagram Month: June 2015

All things considered, I was pretty quiet on the internets and social media this month. Sometimes we just need a break, and that’s exactly what June was for me. It was a time of celebrating the end of my undergraduate degree, catching up with family and friends, and making new friends. Needless to say, the internets was not high on my to do list as I basked in the glory of freedom – albeit brief.

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My Month In Pictures: May 2015

It’s a brand new month, and with a brand new month comes a brand new themed post: My Month In Pictures. From today, on the first of every month, I’ll show you what made the grade for my Instagram account the previous month (that isn’t a screen grab/repost), and what I just snapped to add to my collection of memories.

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