My Month In Pictures: June 2015

Wow, would you look at that, it’s July already. Where on earth did the last month go? Heck, who am I kidding – we’ve just cycled through the first half of the year!  We’re now one step closer to the finer weather of the year, even if we do still have two months of winter to go.

June was a bit of a mixed bag here at ARR HQ. On the first day of the month I submitted my final assignment ever (!!) and just a few days later, Alexie RicRac was officially allowed to commence trade as a licensed second hand trader (still a lot going on to get this up and running – I’ve been sidelined with a wedding to plan, but it’s getting there!). As such, it’s been pretty quiet on the blog and pictorial front this month, but here’s what happened on Instagram in June, and of course, a round up of what didn’t make it to Instagram!

My Instagram Month: June 2015

All things considered, I was pretty quiet on the internets and social media this month. Sometimes we just need a break, and that’s exactly what June was for me. It was a time of celebrating the end of my undergraduate degree, catching up with family and friends, and making new friends. Needless to say, the internets was not high on my to do list as I basked in the glory of freedom – albeit brief.

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Taking Stock of Me

A couple of weeks ago, I saw MumptyStyle’s post on Facebook and knew that, although I too hadn’t been tagged, I wanted to play a part in the Taking Stock blogging tag. I know I don’t share enough about me with you, and today I’m going to give you a bit more of an insight into what makes me me!
I hope you enjoy learning more about me as much as I have had fun answering the prompts.

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My Month In Pictures: May 2015

It’s a brand new month, and with a brand new month comes a brand new themed post: My Month In Pictures. From today, on the first of every month, I’ll show you what made the grade for my Instagram account the previous month (that isn’t a screen grab/repost), and what I just snapped to add to my collection of memories.

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End of Days

Some days I find it ironic that it was a move to Melbourne that triggered my sense of environmentalism: a city with over 4 million people that is expanding at a rate quicker than we can provide infrastructure, jobs, and houses (urban planner reporting for duty). Of course, it was more than just a move to Melbourne that did it, it was also the beginning of my degree in Urban and Regional Planning at RMIT.

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Pin-up’s Against Bullying

A few months ago, just as I was starting my small business course, I was doing some research into the online pin-up and vintage community. I wanted to find out the best groups to be a part of and to network with. Ideally I wanted predominantly Australian groups but if I could find others that fit my bill, I was happy to join those too. During this search I found Pin-up’s Against Bullying, Inc. – Australia. Straight away I felt the heart strings being pulled and I knew I had to be a part of this community, even if it meant just following and liking everything religiously.

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Shopping and Me: Anxiety Attacks

Yesterday, we had to go to a shopping centre. I needed something that I could not purchase from an op shop or eBay. I had to buy some underwear. Not just any underwear either. I had to buy some lingerie. I’d have loved to have purchased some vintage/vintage inspired lingerie or shapewear from Elinor at The Nylon Swish but I needed a super quick fix for Saturday. This meant braving the wrath of Chadstone Shopping Centre.

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The Long Weekend in pictures

Happy Easter! Chag Sameach! Or just happy long weekend! And, if you’re lucky enough to be in Las Vegas for the annual rockabilly festival, Viva Las Vegas! This long weekend has been just what the doctor ordered: time for rest, recuperation, and spending time with family.

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A Little Piece of History in Every Home: Tupperware turns 69

This is not a sponsored post. I just love Tupperware.

Fact: I have been a Tupperware demonstrator, twice. I would do it again too if I could carry/wheel the products to a demonstration. I was not quite 19 when I went to my first Tupperware demonstration, and not long after was when I became a demonstrator. It’s the only Plastic Fantastic I have, that I will always love, and to be honest, I love it so much I could sell it underwater with a mouthful of marbles!

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Help a girl out?

Alexie RicRac is on its way to becoming a business, and I need your help! I have to write a business plan and part of that business plan requires me to do market research. What better way to get some responses than to ask my blog followers!

If you’ve got a spare 5-10 minutes, I’d love it if you are able to complete my survey. There’s 10 questions so it shouldn’t take you too long at all. Please feel free to pass the survey on to people who you think might be interested in buying quality vintage and/or used goods.

Complete the survey here: Purchasing Patterns and Second-hand/Vintage Goods

The day I got my life back: Why I gave up Facebook

Facebook: Some people love it, others hate it, and then there are those who – like me – are sucked in by it but don’t know what they’re actually doing there. It was great for keeping in touch with family and friends overseas or interstate who I might not get to see so often, as well as keeping my finger on the pulse for all uni matters. And let’s not forget the fact that there is Alexie RicRac and Little Goldfish, both of which I am trying to build a social media presence for. So why then did I decide to give up Facebook?

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