Skin Care Summer Lovin’: Friday Finds #12

If I asked you what is the one thing you want to do to better prepare yourself for summer, what would you say? To look amazing in my swimsuit, or perhaps to make sure that the air conditioning is fixed, or maybe even to ensure the pool is clean.
All valid, but none of those answers are on my agenda, except for maybe the swimsuit. For me, it’s about making sure my beautiful lily white skin stays lily white, and hydrated.

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Soda Shop Sweets: What To Wear Wednesday #13

Phew, it’s been a long time between drinks. The last time I did a What To Wear Wednesday was in June. New season finds are popping up everywhere, so I thought it was high time I got back on the bandwagon and delivered you some fun, gorgeous, vintage inspired springtime fashion.

Soda Shop Sweets

Polyvore notified me that someone I follow on Twitter recently joined Polyvore. That someone was Lindy Bop. Once upon a time I would look at Lindy Bop’s site at least once a week but I’ve had to put the stop on that as it was far too dangerous. Now that they’re on Polyvore, it’s much easier to create What To Wear Wednesday outfits for you, and that is exactly what I’ve done today.

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Wedding Week Guest Post Series: Katie Writes Stuff

Welcome, Katie from Katie Writes Stuff!

Hello there! My name is Katie and I hail from the hopefully self-explanatory blog, Katie Writes Stuff. The lovely Hollie invited me to write a guest post on her blog while she is busy preparing for what I am sure will be an amazing wedding and I was more than delighted to accept. This means we are probably doing the blog equivalent of awkwardly standing around while our hostess is off fetching the tea and cakes but I’m sure we’ll be able to make conversation because if we’re all fans of Alexie RicRac, then we must have plenty in common.

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Vintage Wedding: Friday Finds #11

As you can imagine, with only thirty days until The Mister and I say ‘I Do’, my head is consumed by all things wedding. Whether it’s trying to figure out place settings, song lists, worry about whether or not I’ve put on a little bit too much winter padding for my dress (that’s another post altogether)…whatever it is, if it’s wedding related you can guarantee it has, is, or will be running through my mind at a million miles an hour. Today I bring to you some of Etsy’s finest vintage wedding finds – but they aren’t strictly wedding!

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Vintage Hats on Etsy: Friday Finds #9

For a long time now, I’ve been dreaming of beautiful vintage hats. I don’t have any in my collection as yet, but I hope to rectify that situation sooner rather than later. Whenever I’m shopping in op shops and vintage stores, I am like a moth to the flame with hats. I’ve never found the perfect one to start my collection, but one day I’ll be inspired and fall in love with one and won’t be able to part with it, so I’ll give it a new home.

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Winter Warmers: Friday Finds #8

Brrr, it’s cold in here! I know that seems to be a regular theme over the last few weeks but it really is cold in Victoria. So cold that there was snow in the mountains. In May. May does not ordinarily bring snow but this year it has. As I’m feeling extra cold these days, I thought it would be a good idea to find myself some new winter warmers.

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A Royal Night Out: Friday Finds #6

Victory in Europe (V.E.) Day, 8 May 1945: The Nazis Surrender. War is over, and Europe is celebrating. Two excited young ladies plead with their parents to celebrate on the streets of London with the rest of the city. Their father finally agrees: “Let them go, this might be the only chance she gets.”

Seventy years later, to mark the release of ‘A Royal Night Out’, today’s Friday Finds recreates the costumes similar to those worn by Princesses Elizabeth and Margaret as seen in the ‘A Royal Night Out’ preview.

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