Dyeing Inside: A change is as good as a holiday

They say a change is as good as a holiday, and right now the budget only extends to one of those things, and I can tell you that it’s not a holiday! The last time I dyed my hair was November 2013 and it was a slight disaster. What was meant to be a lovely red turned out to be chocolate mahogany. The only image I can find is a really grainy selfie, so you’ll just have to take my word for it that is was NOT what it was meant to be. I’m confident in dyeing my own hair, and when I showed my hairdresser the images of the packaging compared with what my hair looked like, she even concluded that the wrong dye was put in the pack. It’s taken until now, April 2015 for my hair to be back to its natural colour, but I’m ready for a change!

oh The times they are a changing

A few days before my brother’s wedding, I had the locks tamed and trimmed. In doing so, the final shreds of colour were cut out of my hair, meaning I’m back to my au naturale colour. Sometimes I love it, sometimes I don’t. I really want to dye my hair before we get married, and I want to go red, but I don’t know that the red I had in mind is going to suit me.

A couple of years back, I stumbled across Taaz. Taaz is a site that lets you give yourself a virtual makeover for nothing. Nada. Zip. Zilch. Zero. I didn’t use it much when I did find it because I never really took any selfies, and the other photos I had of me were pretty average. Late last year, Miss Lixxie Lou (who I totally adore and if I ever get to Perth I would love to meet her!) used Taaz as well to have a play with her hair colour and I’m so thankful she did because I’d still probably be trying to Google it today trying to remember its name!
With Taaz, you can colour your hair, change your hair style, even try out different make up styles. Pretty snazzy tool, I say. You do need a good clear photo of yourself though with your face and hair in clear focus. Here’s some I prepared earlier.

Another grainy selfie!

Pre mane tame

Tired but wired

Post mane tame

Me with make up. Me without make up. Filters make everything okay. You can’t really see the colour in the first image because it was all rolled up and tucked away, but before my hair was the length it is now, there was about 2 inches of a gingery coppery red on the ends.

I see red, I see red, I see Red!

Once my mind is made up, there is no turning back. That fateful day when my hair turned dark chocolate/mahogany in 2013 has not deterred me: I will become a red head. Of course, there are varying degrees of red. I could be a ginger ninja, I could channel Ariel, I could go mahogany, and so many more. Taaz had a lovely selection, and I was quietly disappointed that the colour selector of the red that is closest to what I had planned on going doesn’t really suit me.

TAAZ: Virtual dyeing at your fingertips

Top, L-R: Ash Brown, Auburn, Copper Bottom, L-R: Mahogany, Red, Reddish Brown

Looking at these six, I’m leaning towards Auburn, Mahogany, or maybe Red. The hesitation with the red is that it’s more orange than red, and I don’t want orange hair. I want flame red hair. Like this stunning woman captured by Brooke Orchard Photography. Dyeing a little, I think so.

Captured by Brooke Orchard Photography

I’ve contemplated dyeing my hair again myself using Tish & Snooky’s Manic Panic in either Wildfire or Pillarbox Red, and I might still do this, but being so close to our wedding, I feel I should get the colour done professionally. Oh heck, after seeing Manic Panic’s Pinterest that is FILLED with real users of Manic Panic, I don’t know which red to go now! Now I’m crushing on Vampire Red and Rock ‘N’ Roll Red too. Oh the trouble of deciding what colour I should dye my hair! I’m not normally afraid of dyeing my hair at home, but after being told by a consultant/store assistant/hair colourist/whatever her title was at Hairhouse Warehouse that I should not bleach/lighten my hair on my own (I’ve done this before too…well, someone did it for me at their house and they weren’t a hairdresser), I’m now slightly worried about dyeing my hair at home.

Ch-Ch-ch-ch-Changes (Turn and face the strain)

I need to make up my mind quick smart what I want to do. Do I dye myself with some Manic Panic or take these images to my hair dresser and get her to colour? And if so, which red do you think suits me more, taking into account my complexion, blue eyes, and natural hair colour. I’m so confused!

Are you an at home colourist, or do you prefer to pay a professional?