Lip Colour Loves and Lusts – Friday Finds #5

Is there any better way to kick of a weekend than with a spot of shopping? I think not. The return of Friday Finds – after a rather large hiatus sorry! – brings to you this week my lip colour loves and crushes. Some are tried and tested, others are lust haves. All are available here in Australia.

First up, Australis’ Go Long Lipstick in Preppy. It’s a really nice subtle pink slash nude. I am still trying to find the perfect lip pencil to wear underneath it though. As such I find myself reapplying it more often than I would if I wore a lip pencil underneath, but it’s got a great texture and a great lustre: not too matte, not too glossy, it’s just right! Available in 6 shades. I’m lusting after Glam as well. Unfortunately Preppy is currently out of stock on the Australis page, but try in store at Priceline (currently out of stock at Priceline online) .Australis Go Long is also available in Brights.

Second on the list, though this is a lust have, is Nude By Nature’s Natural Mineral Lipstick. I’ve been using Nude By Nature products for at least 10 years now. In fact when I first started purchasing it, I could only get it from the local health stores in Geelong. I’ve got quite sensitive skin and react to the majority of cosmetics I try (regardless of the price point), but I’ve never reacted to Nude by Nature. I love their BB Cream. It is hands down the best foundation-type product I have ever used. But now back to the lip colour! I’m crushing on this Pink Chique Natural Mineral Lipstick and definitely want to add it to my collection.

Third, another one from Australis. Australis’ sale back in January lured me in and I purchased this lip colour among other things. The name Jitterbug reminds me of fun, and Wham’s 1984 hit ‘Wake Me Up When You Go-Go’, not to mention the dance! I’m still yet to try this one too as I need to test what shade of lip pencil will work best underneath. Keep an eye out on Instagram for when I do use it, I will document it. There are 5 shades that make up the orange and red Colour Inject Lip Colour range. Cha Cha and Super Crump are next on my list.

This lip liner has only made it into my collection in the last week but I haven’t had the chance to test it yet. I’d been hunting high and low for it but everywhere was always out of stock. I have an older branded Australis lip liner in red that I absolutely love. It’s creamy, gives a great coverage and is super long lasting. My lips always feel soft and supple and never dehydrated when wearing that one, so I am hoping for the same result when I use the Nudie Rudie lip colour.

Lip colour = easy transformation = love

The thing I love most about lip colour is that they can take you from drab to fab in no time. Even if it’s just a quick application of a tinted lip balm, it’s an easy transformation and certainly helps to lift my mood. It turns that frown upside down, and everybody loves a smiling face! You never know, your smile could make someone’s day, even a stranger on the street. Always, always wear a smile, it’s often your best accessory.

Do you have a favourite lip colour? Are you a lipstick or a lip gloss person?