Liquid Liner By Australis: Review

Hello, my name is Hollie and I am a pin-up who has never owned nor applied liquid eye liner. Well, up until yesterday, at least. Shush now, I can hear you all gasping and feigning horror at such a declaration, but just hear me out, my explanation is perfectly acceptable!

What!? No eye liner!?

First off, a few years ago, my right, and my preferred, hand started shaking uncontrollably for absolutely no reason at all. It was painful, absolutely excruciating, and prevented me from doing a lot of every day things like eating breakfast, driving my car, dressing myself, and so on.  When it didn’t die down of its own accord after a few days I headed to the doctor, who ordered an MRI. With a family history of Multiple Sclerosis (MS), there was no time for mucking around. Thankfully the results came back clear for MS, and the doctor told me I have Essential tremor. Essential tremor is attributed to excess alcohol or caffeine consumption, lack of sleep, and stress. Seeing as how I rarely consume alcohol and have never ever had a cup of coffee (second shock, apologies! – and I know that caffeine is present in other products for consumption, but they are also rarely consumed), I knew that stress was the greatest attributer to my tremor. These violent tremors still pop up unannounced four years later, but I still have a little tremor in my hands on a daily basis. There you have my first reason for not owning liquid eye liner.

Secondly, my allergies. Oh boy, I have stinking skin allergies. Finding beauty products – cosmetics and skin care alike – is always difficult. I’ve tried everything from high end to dirt cheap and everything in between, and I cannot find any consistency with what I react to. Eye products tend to be the worst, and the darker the colour the stronger the reaction. Seeing as how eye liner is a. for the eyes and b. generally eye liners are black … Case in point.

What’s a girl to do?

Having used Australis products before, I was hopeful that one of Australis’ eye liners would do the trick. I already use the powder liner in smoke for my brows – yes siree, I do – and to be honest, I didn’t know if I wanted to use a powder on my eye as a liner. Having tried various pencil and retractable liners over the years and never happy with their finish, I knew in my heart of hearts I really wanted to try my hand at a liquid liner. It was time to stop hiding behind my shake and give a liquid liner a go.

Australis’ Liquid Liner retails at $10.95. I was okay spending that on a liner to find out if I could work it, wear it, and not react to it.

Wanting to try the liquid liner for consistency before purchasing, I went in store to Priceline. Although applying the liner on the back of my hand isn’t the same as my eye, it was good enough to convince me to make the purchase. I was definitely looking forward to trying it out that night, or the next day, and trying my hand at applying the liner. Imagine me cursing myself when I got home to find I picked up the tester instead of an unopened one! No testing on me until I get the chance to head back – which was thankfully the next evening.

Australis Liquid Liner = Value for Money + Easy Application

What I’m about to tell you is not something I’m particularly proud of: the first application of my liquid liner was not until the morning of my very first pin-up shoot. And that was yesterday. Crazy, I know, but given that I was going for a 1940s look I really wanted to achieve that dramatic yet understated look. I consulted YouTube (here and here) and kind of blended the two to suit me. All the horror stories you hear and see about the application of a liquid liner was, I admit, yet another reason I put off the practice for so long. Yesterday morning as I stood in front of the mirror, I kept reminding myself that I could do this and I could just fix it up if need be.

With great trepidation, I opened the bottle and and took the wand into my hand. I eyed off the applicator tip, assessing how much liquid it did hold – was it thick, was it clumpy, was it runny – before raising it to my eye lid. Slightly worried, I took the applicator to my lid and brought it across the lash line. Because of my shake, I started in the middle. I don’t recommend this for everyone though, it’s just where I was most comfortable. I was surprised by how well the liquid liner was going on, and how fabulous it looked. Needless to say I was very impressed with my first eye’s appearance. The second eye (my left) wasn’t as easy and did take a little longer but all things considered I’m really pleased with the results.

No filters, just me. You can see the liquid liner is far from perfect but I’m rather happy with my first attempt. I felt like I was in control the whole time, it never felt like there was too much on the applicator. The shakes did get the better of me with the left eye, and my allergies and the wind did make my eyes water quite a lot meaning my left eye did smudge a little, but all in all, I’m really happy with my first go at a liquid liner.

Here’s some behind the scenes shots of me taken by my beautiful pin up sister, Miss Ivy Anchor while Anjella Roessler Photography worked her magic. Knowing how I normally wear my make up, I can see the dramatic effects the eye liner has in defining my eyes and giving me that classic 1940s look.

Oh, and if you missed it on Instagram and Facebook last weekend, I’m now a redhead!

Many thanks to Anjella Roessler for such an amazing day shooting. Miss Ivy Anchor and I are entering our first pin-up competition later this year, and we’re going to use some images from our shoot as our entry photos.