Male Wedding Attire: What To Wear Wednesday #12

It’s late, I know, I know, but I’ve been running around like a crazy person finishing uni so I didn’t have the time to schedule a post like normal! And then there’s that little wedding thing that’s happening in 80-odd days. I had planned on having today’s post ready but sometimes you just gotta go with the flow because, let’s face it, life isn’t always straight and narrow. No traditional outfit style post this week, but an amazing infographic instead that is chock-a-block full of information addressing that all important dress code… for men! Read on for the first instalment of men’s style here at Alexie RicRac: male wedding attire etiquette.

Men!? Men. Men have to wear clothes too, and when it comes to weddings, it’s important that they feel comfortable in their getup. Contemporary fashion can make things a little more difficult for the men in our lives, particularly if they are fashion conscious or just like to look good. Other men haven’t a care in the world. Nevertheless, when that wedding invitation arrives and it says ‘Beach Formal’ or ‘White Tie’ or ‘Semi-Formal’, who the heck knows what to wear!? I know The Mister would give it a lot of thought, or he’d default to me.

Male WEDDING ATTIRE: Wardrobe Woes

This might be a fairly large generalisation, but from my knowledge of the average* man’s wardrobe, there is not a large selection of clothing for formal occasions: a suit – usually black, one or two shirts, one or two ties, and a nice pair of shoes. I know that The Mister’s wardrobe consisted of only one suit up until the beginning of this year. We had to get rid of his old suit because it didn’t fit him any more, and he needed a dinner suit/tuxedo to wear to his step-sister’s black tie wedding. The other suit – purchased the same day as the dinner suit – is the suit he’ll wear when we wed. That suit is not black. He has a selection of assorted business shirts that double as dinner shirts, a few ties that are just different shades of grey, one pair of black shoes, and he also has a pair of tan lace up ankle boots that can be worn casually or more dressy. They will also be his wedding shoes. Promise he’s not a hipster though.
* where an average man is someone who: does not have a job requiring a suit; or is not a fashion/style connoisseur.


Even if you’re a stylish lad, there’s no doubt that dress code etiquette for weddings will puzzle even the most clued-in people. I know that women have enough difficulty figuring out female wedding attire, so you can only image the conundrum over men and male wedding attire. That’s why Paul Fredrick have come up with this fabulous infographic.

There are so many different dress codes that apply to many different events. Wedding dress codes are confusing for a lot of men, and women. We had so much trouble deciding on a dress code for our wedding that we went with ‘Dress: Comfortably, it’s winter!’ Sure, it doesn’t abide by standard dress code etiquette, but given that we’re marrying in the morning and are having a lunch reception, we’re hoping that our guests will realise that, although it’s a formal occasion, a dinner suit equip with cummerbund and bow tie for the gents is not essential, nor is a mini dress with sky-high heels for the ladies. Rather, if the sky is grey and the rain is falling, ladies feel free to wear tights or pants, and gents sensible fabrics that are not light. Like the infographic outlines above, dress codes are as much about common sense as they are etiquette.

How do you feel about dress codes and related etiquette? Do you research the requirements or just wing it?