Our Vintage Home: The Kitchen Project

Three and a half years ago, The Mister and I were faced with a self imposed challenge to find a new place to live in a very short space of time. The ‘house’ we had been living in for 6 months had rising damp and despite our best efforts, we had mold growing on a lot of our possessions. It wasn’t until we dismantled our bed that we realised the extent of the damage: our mattress, our bed frame, our slats; not to mention the mould on the backing board of our chest of drawers (and finally we understood why our clothes smelled so putrid!). Within two weeks, we moved from the mold-infested place to the place we live in now.

As soon as we walked in the back door (we use it as our front door), we knew this was home. The kitchen, although small, was bigger than the kitchen in the moldy place, and it had a diner booth. We were sold, and we hadn’t even seen the three other rooms.
It’s only a one bedroom apartment, and we have far too much stuff for the size, but we’ve downsized as much as possible. Our furnishings are an eclectic mix of old and new. We try to blend them together as best we can, but sometimes it doesn’t work so well.

In September 2013, I purchased some divine kitchen curtains from etsy. They sat in a box until a few weeks ago waiting for me to hand wash and hang them since they arrived from the US. I purchased some curtain wire kits (which are a whole lot cheaper than I thought they would be!) with the the stuff for the planter boxes turned shelves, and now I just need to measure how far up the window I’d like them.

Kitchen curtains

Our kitchen colour scheme is a creamy yellow colour, so these co-ordinate beautifully. There’s two sets of kitchen curtains as well as a single panel curtain which we’ll probably put on our porthole door. Pictured are the tie backs (bottom), and valances (top).

The curtains need to be pressed before hanging. My goal this week is to measure up the window frames and hang the curtains.
Do you have any goals this week? Share them with me, let’s keep each other motivated!