My Month in Pictures: August 2015

August is done and dusted, and now it’s time to get back into the swing of things. August is always an incredibly hectic month for us, and this August was no different: We celebrated birthdays, new homes, and the very best day of my life, our marriage. There was a lot of final touches and planning that needed to be taken care of during August but that also meant there was a great opportunity to take lots of pictures.

My Instragram Month: August 2015

Okay, August ended up being a really snap-happy month for me. I thought I’d have absolutely no time at all to be documenting things, but turns out it was the total opposite: I wanted to make as many memories to share with you all as I possibly could. This right here is just a small selection of what I shared on Instagram in August. You’ll have to see the rest of the month here. And no matter how much I try, this lil ol’ Flipagram just will not stay in the middle of the page. Silly coding not playing nice with me today.

Non-Instagram Material: August 2015

Gosh, I had so much to choose from this month. You’re getting quite a fill from me today. These unshared beauties are the cream of the crop (i.e. the other photos that I took to get these half decent ones are pretty poop!).

Early to Mid August with a Rogue Late August

Left to right, top to bottom: I participated in a fabulous gift exchange called the Sisterhood of the Travelling Gift and this is what I sent to my sister; hot air balloons over Richmond station on a Friday morning while doing my awesome GoGet job; this sweet ride in downtown Ripponlea on the weekend of Greazefest Melbourne; the Lego block apartment building that is currently under construction near St Kilda Junction (I am not a fan of the façade at all, or the fact that the building looks as though it’s going to fall on you!); pre-emptive spring cleaning after getting up early and collecting my parents from the airport; a bit later in the day from the Richmond shift, Ed and I and a train bound for Sandringham; a window display that I knew my friend Lauren would rather fancy; homeward bound after Friday morning Richmond shift overlooking Rectangle Stadium; and Greazefest Melbourne on the Saturday.

Wedding Week

Left to right, top to bottom: The entry hall arrangement for our wedding ceremony; the cake jars my bestie and I put together the day of my birthday for our wedding two days later; my wedding bouquet and bouquets received from friends on our wedding day, along with our wedding table number; showing my bestie just how deep the jars were; The Mister and I at our lunchtime wedding reception; the window we’d be standing in front of less than 24 hours later to wed; my hair and make up all good to go (many thanks to Candice DeVille); the projection from our awesome reception venue onto the MMTB Camberwell Tram Depot the night before our wedding; and the other floral arrangements in our ceremony room at Medley Hall.
I am so incredibly lucky to have such a talented cousin who did all our flowers. My cousin started her florists’ apprenticeship in the early 90s, and 12 months ago to the day she sold her business and changed careers after over 20 years in the industry. The Mister and I are so thankful that she offered to do our flowers for us, and truth be told, I honestly couldn’t imagine anyone else doing them. Shan, if you are reading this, thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Post Wedding Week and a Rogue from Wedding Week

Left to right, top to bottom: My dresser the morning after our wedding, it just looked divine…but the flash ruined it and I couldn’t get a nicer picture without the flash as our room is too dark; my wedding gift from The Mister – bespoke sapphire and diamond earrings; the reason the middle picture happened; en route to Geelong after my photoshoot with the beautiful Jac of Derrière by JLP (post accident); the damage to our poor little Brum – just two days after our wedding!!!; my menu and place card at the Ocean Grove Hotel Winter Seafood Experience (oh my gosh, just divine!); our car (still awaiting confirmation but 99% sure it’s a total loss) being towed from the scene; after a massive week it was time for some Friday night bubbles; and last but not least, Trades Hall shows its true colours – how freaking awesome is that?!

How was your August? Did you get up to anything exciting?