My Month in Pictures: July 2015

It’s August already. And it’s six days in. So much for getting this post done on the first of every month. The Mister and I get married this month (hence why I’ve been a little quiet of late), but it feels just like yesterday we became engaged. Even though I’ve been under the radar and not delivering you new content (which I will explain in a later post), I still managed to find the time to snap some memories to immortalise them in the world of social media, but also just to capture the moment to look back on rather than just a memory. July in pictures, right here, right now.

My Instagram Month: July 2015

The month before a wedding is always busy for a bride and groom, but throw in our two jobs, and my two businesses to the wedding mix and you get some crazy tired people. We’ve not had any major issues thankfully as yet (touch wood) and we’re enjoying the time leading up to the wedding.

July was actually pretty eventful and I even put myself in front of the camera a few times. Although it’s totally the norm these days, I feel incredibly narcissistic posting selfies. In July, I loved myself loads (today, not so much!), and it could have had something to do with the incredible people that came into my life (Miss Pinup Australia is not just for contestants making friends with each other, they make friends with their supporters and for this, I am so incredibly grateful).
What do you think of my July captures?

Non-Instagram Material: July 2015

Unlike June, I felt compelled to capture random things and awesome during July. Here’s a bunch of what I didn’t post to Instagram for one reason or another. Mostly because I get a bad case of the can’t be bothereds, but also because some things I just like to keep to myself for a while.

Top to bottom, left to right, in non-chronological order: all set up for GoGet at an information session for new apartments in St Kilda – we’ll have a few cars in the basement car park of the building, how fabulous is that!?; Ikea Richmond rooftop where we have all our cars and vans; the chandelier of the room in which we’ll be married; a full moon in partial view in Windsor; the window in front of which we’ll marry; a book I saw at the Craft and Quilt Fair that I’d like to purchase; the beautiful northern city skyline from Madame Brussels in the company of great friends from uni; and lastly, The Distinctive Dame‘s autotray filled with refreshments and other assorted goodies.

Did you make it through the coldest July in 20 years?