My Month In Pictures: June 2015

Wow, would you look at that, it’s July already. Where on earth did the last month go? Heck, who am I kidding – we’ve just cycled through the first half of the year!  We’re now one step closer to the finer weather of the year, even if we do still have two months of winter to go.

June was a bit of a mixed bag here at ARR HQ. On the first day of the month I submitted my final assignment ever (!!) and just a few days later, Alexie RicRac was officially allowed to commence trade as a licensed second hand trader (still a lot going on to get this up and running – I’ve been sidelined with a wedding to plan, but it’s getting there!). As such, it’s been pretty quiet on the blog and pictorial front this month, but here’s what happened on Instagram in June, and of course, a round up of what didn’t make it to Instagram!

My Instagram Month: June 2015

All things considered, I was pretty quiet on the internets and social media this month. Sometimes we just need a break, and that’s exactly what June was for me. It was a time of celebrating the end of my undergraduate degree, catching up with family and friends, and making new friends. Needless to say, the internets was not high on my to do list as I basked in the glory of freedom – albeit brief.

Non Instagram Material: June 2015

Like I said, June was pretty darn low-key here. There was lots of happenings, just not stuff I wanted to take pictorial memories of, at least not right now.
Top to bottom, left to right, in non-chronological order: staring out our lounge room window to the empty fig tree and the block of flats that is the mirror image of our building; end of another GoGet shift with a selfie (this is a part of our job requirements, start and end of shift selfies that we send in to our supervisor, makes things a little fun!), this time in St Kilda; a glass jam (or butter) dish listed for sale on my eBay store; The Mister playing with our thrifted door beads; new discontinued Australis lip colours from Priceline; shameless selfie with bitchy resting face after debacles on VLine – and new old pink cats eye shades; colour and texture of a dress that will soon be for sale in my shop; my  work space, finally clear so I can sit down to write and do other important adult stuff (like watch countless episodes of Say Yes to the Dress Atlanta instead of edit photos and other big things); and finally, two very blah tasting cupcakes to celebrate the end of uni for me – they were like sawdust unfortunately and not at all enjoyable.

How did your June pan out? Did you take a break from anything?