My Month In Pictures: May 2015

It’s a brand new month, and with a brand new month comes a brand new themed post: My Month In Pictures. From today, on the first of every month, I’ll show you what made the grade for my Instagram account the previous month (that isn’t a screen grab/repost), and what I just snapped to add to my collection of memories.


Wow. May. It came, it went. Just like that. And now it’s June. I’ve had my head buried in books for most of April and May, but I still managed to put over 50 photos onto Instagram in May. Sure, there weren’t too many style shots (I’m not great at selfies, I will not buy a selfie stick, and The Mister isn’t the greatest photographer in the world either) but still lots of love to share with you.

I’ve tried to participate in Instagram photo a day challenges in the past from Fat Mum Slim, Fox In Flats, and Real Adam Powell but the fact of the matter is that I am just not into taking a photo every day because a list says so. I would try gallantly and fail easily. Some months, on my other/old Instagram account, I would play along quite successfully, but I’d be chasing my tail, or hating on myself because my photography sucked. You can see that I tried the Fox In Flats Style Dare A Day for about 3 or 4 days in May before calling it quits because my life was way too nuts to even contemplate doing anything listy-photographic-Instagramatic. And by busy, I mean I had zero time to think about what I would be wearing whilst studying: either it was jeans, track pants, or pyjamas if I had zero intention of leaving the house. Sometimes there was a little more effort but in times of high study, style? Ain’t nobody got time for that!

That there is a little thing called Flipagram. If you’re on Instagram, I’m pretty sure you’d know it. If you’re not friends with Flipagram, here’s the (very quick) run down: create an account, link your Instagram, create 15s videos from your selected images, and post to Instagram. That simple. For some reason though my video uploads aren’t working on Instagram right now, so you’ll have to just do with it here. Upshot of that is that it goes for more than 15 seconds. Given that there are over 40 images, that’s probably not such a bad thing.


They say that for every selfie one takes, there are a million shots that didn’t make the grade. Of course, a million’s a slight exaggeration but we’ll run with it for the purposes of this little adventure today. I don’t have a fancy DSLR (uni student budget just doesn’t allow for it) and I only use my pocket digital camera when I absolutely feel like it (I have a bit of a tremor so without a tripod, it makes life difficult). A couple of months ago I upgraded my phone from the busted HTC One that I still love and adore – but she’s busted – to the Samsung Galaxy S5. If my old phone wasn’t busted, I’d still be using that, but alas she is no longer of the sublimely functioning world, only the barely functioning world. I’m pretty darned happy with the quality of the SG5’s picture capabilities. I’m still learning it though – let’s just say that HTC’s manual settings are a world above Samsung’s. I’m all about the manual settings. Anyway, without further ado, here’s a bunch of images that didn’t make the grade for social media, for whatever reason, until today. They’re not in any particular order, just a bit of fun for you to look at.

Clockwise from top: the stairwell at Aloha Sailor that I couldn’t walk down for fear of never being able to walk again; a car selfie; lead version of drawing for final uni assignment; the Kellerman’s sign in the opening scenes of Dirty Dancing; day three of a wet set; drawing for final assignment with black outline; a tree around the corner from our house on my walk home from the train station one evening; trying to capture a nice photo for a product review; the construction of Hans Solo’s spaceship at Southland in preparations for Star Wars Day; and last but not least, a few of my workmates from GoGet– one of whom is currently house sitting for his mum back in NZ, another who decided to holiday the last while of his visa (he went to Fiji on Saturday for a week, lucky duck!) before going back home to the USA, and the other trying to figure out what the boys are doing!

How was your May? Anything exciting happen for you?