Planning: Putting off until tomorrow and how to get back on top of it

It would seem that, despite all my best efforts, I didn’t get my blog planner printed until last night! The result? It’s now Wednesday and I’m only just getting to start the planning now. I’ve let myself down by not prioritising this task. Sure, I love that I have a super clean and neat flat now, and that my outfit for The Mister’s step-sister’s wedding in 12 days is complete, but I’ve left something important fall behind.

I know that I can overcome this by scheduling time for my blog. I LOVE being organised (…just don’t look at my desk right now, it’s an organised mess as I sort through things and find space for everything again). What I’d really love is some floating shelves above my desk, but I’m not sure we can do it as we’re in a rental. I can’t rearrange our space either unfortunately.

Okay, enough of the Negative Nancy thing, time to look forward! My desk is looking pretty darned awesome with a crystal vase filled with some gorgeous flowers that remind me of a cottage garden. I have enough space for my laptop on the desk, and a pile of tax stuff to my left, but not much else space. I think I might have to take a trip to Ikea for some high storage goodness.

Getting back to the task at hand – blog planning – I did manage to get a few random topics sorted over the next four months and into my planner, but it is clearly a work in progress.

In the meantime, here’s what I’m crushing on for home office inspiration thanks to Pinterest. If you click the images, they’ll take you to the pin directly:

From Pinterest: Boxes with Orla Kierly inspired paper

Hex boxes

Set in desk and shelves