Pretty Pastels Palette by Australis: Review

Late in January, Australis had a rather hefty online sale to the tune of fifty per cent off. Not only did they offer fifty per cent off,  if you spent over $50 you also got free postage. A friend and I pooled our orders together, and although we didn’t make the $50 free postage spend – which I should add is standard for the site – we walked away with a swag of products.

New compact required: apply within

I’d been wanting a compact for a while now. At the very least it must have powder, eye shadow, and blush. Anything additional was a bonus. I had a tight budget to work with so when the Australis sale was on I grasped the opportunity with both hands to purchase the Pretty Pastels Palette. Already a bargain at just $9.95 RRP, the sale price was less than a fiver. If it turned out to be less than okay it wouldn’t be a huge monetary loss. The Pretty Pastels Palette consists of one powder, three eye shadows, and two blushers. Value for money? I think so.

We all know how life can get in the way, and as such it was March before I collected my goodies from my friend. It was another couple of months before I braved testing the powder. The first test was over the top of my Nude By Nature BB Cream first (silly, I know, but it was a total afterthought) and it wasn’t too bad, but I really wanted to try it on its own. I’d already fallen in love with the eye shadows and blusher, I just hadn’t used all three together.

Australis Pretty Pastels Palette Pressed Powder test run

Testing, testing: Pressed Powder over BB Cream


The Mister and I headed to Geelong on the weekend for two occasions: a fundraiser on Saturday and Mother’s Day on Sunday. Unfortunately we were running behind schedule on Saturday so I was faced with putting my make up on in the car. Not such a bad thing when you think about it though: the natural light pouring in all around you really allows you to see every possible blemish or line on your face (if you have them of course) as well as making sure you do not look as orange as an Oompa Loompa. The only downside to putting on your face in the car is the bumps in the road when you need a super steady hand. It is at this point I am exceptionally thankful I don’t wear eye liner (my hand shakes enough as it is, hence not wearing it). The Pretty Pastels Palette was perfect for the car application. Here it is sitting pretty on my lap (wearing Hell Bunny Jessie).

Compacts - perfect for in-car applications

Already in love with the eye shadows and blusher, I hoped the powder would provide the same. At first application I was worried I would be as bright as an Oompa Loompa, but as I worked the powder around my face it evened out beautifully. It had been quite a number of years since I’d worn a powder and looking at photos from those times I always felt my make up was quite heavy. As such, I worried the pressed powder would give the same result. Au contraire, mon cheri, au contraire. My skin looked felt wonderfully light and delicate, even well into the evening.

Day two of our Geelong trip, and feeling rather worse for wear after an awful nights’ sleep, I went again to the palette. The differences this time in application were no bumpy roads and less natural light. As such (less natural light), my eyebrows aren’t at all even, but that’s okay, I made do. In early January I found another Australis product that I thought was eyebrow powder but it’s actually a powdered eye liner. I’m still trying to perfect my eyebrows. Some days I can master the art, others I can’t. Practice makes perfect, so practice I must.

#LoveAustralis - Pretty Pastels Palette

Hair styled courtesy of Drysdale and Elwood winds. Baggy eyes courtesy of a poor nights’ sleep.

The Pretty Pastels Palette has certainly impressed me and will keep me coming back for more. Would you believe it if I told you that I did not touch up my face after eating lunch, drinking a bottle of Real Iced Tea Co.’s Green Tea with Citrus, and a can of Coke Zero to keep my eyes open as I drove from Geelong to Melbourne? That picture there is about four hours of wear. I’m mightily impressed.
Today’s whole face is courtesy of Australis – except the lip stick which is Innoxa, but let me tell you a secret: Australis and Innoxa are sisters! Oh, and the mascara. That’s Decoderm, and was part of a prize pack that I won with my makeover last year from VonRuby at the Geelong Revival.

Will you still love me tomorrow?

It’s safe to say I’m in love with the Australis Cosmetics Pretty Pastels Palette.  Today I was a little lazy and didn’t prime my skin before applying the powder, but the finish is practically flawless. I applied Australis Colour Corrector to the areas that I wanted to reduce redness (namely my T zone, and a few blemishes on the chin), waited for that to dry (brushed my hair in the process) and then applied the powder directly over. The product quality is exceptional, the palette composition is wonderful, and the fact it can fit into my handbag is even better. Of course, let’s not forget value for money. All that gorgeous make up for just $9.95. You really can’t go wrong. If you don’t like to order things online, try in store at Priceline or Big W for the Pretty Pastels Palette and other Australis products.

This post is in no way affiliated with Australis or Heritage Brands. It is a review of my own experience using Pretty Pastels Palette for you to consider.