Shopping and Me: Anxiety Attacks

Yesterday, we had to go to a shopping centre. I needed something that I could not purchase from an op shop or eBay. I had to buy some underwear. Not just any underwear either. I had to buy some lingerie. I’d have loved to have purchased some vintage/vintage inspired lingerie or shapewear from Elinor at The Nylon Swish but I needed a super quick fix for Saturday. This meant braving the wrath of Chadstone Shopping Centre.

I’d done a little bit of internet research to see what was around from retail outlets, and had narrowed it down to three: a Nancy Ganz slip dress, a seamfree convertible slip dress,  and a convertible bodysuit similar to this. Knowing that The Mister is not ordinarily a shopping fan, I needed to be prepared.

Shopping centre highs

Chadstone Shopping Centre (Chadstone) is currently undergoing some major redevelopment. One wing of the shopping centre is about to be demolished or taken apart meaning some stores have had to close or temporarily close. With my mission to find shapewear for Saturday, we headed to Target. As it turned out, Target is one of the stores closing temporarily, and there was a clearance special on the clearance items. A further 50 per cent off of sale items was causing pandemonium in the store. I contemplated shuffling through the women’s clothing racks at the front of the store but decided against it and headed straight to the lingerie section. The store was looking rather naked, and I thought I’d be left cursing that there were none of the bodysuit I’d seen earlier in the week online. You can imagine my relief and delight when I found two racks of the suit, and plenty in my size! I took four suits into the change room, and walked out happy after trying on the second one. The best part: the suit was marked down, so there was a further 50 per cent off, and I got it for the bargain price of $12.50!
After that success, we did a quick whip around the store, and managed to bag a bargain or two. We ended up checking out those clearance racks that had a further 50 per cent off the marked price. And then we went through the checkout. Our shopping expedition – bearing in mind this was the first shop we set foot in – cost us a grand total of – drum roll please – fifty-one dollars. $51. That’s it. I kid you not. One bodysuit, 6 pair of women’s underwear, 2 pair of men’s underwear, a summer kimono, and a necklace. And because I’m all about the numbers, I had to figure out what it would have cost us had there have not been a massive sale. We saved a whopping $162. The original ticketed prices totalled $213. We couldn’t believe our luck.

Shopping Expedition Haul Part One

Shopping Expedition Haul Part Two

Shopping Expedition Haul Part Two Up Close

shopping centre lows

Although we bagged incredible bargains, I could feel my anxieties rising. We had gifts to buy for my brother and his fiancée for their wedding, as well as both of my parents whose birthdays are the week before my brother’s wedding. I’d also decided that I would have to buy a warm cover up brand new as I don’t have time to go op shopping this week and find something in suitable condition for the wedding on Saturday. Oh boy, that was going against every grain of my fibre. It’s one thing to buy underwear new, let’s face it, it’s pretty yuck if you buy it used. But buying new a cover up of some description just wasn’t sitting well with me.

We pressed on and went into Forever New. Having already styled an outfit with the dress I’m wearing on Saturday, I had a fair idea of what I would purchase if it absolutely came down to it.

I walked around in circles looking for the Georgia Shawl, and in doing so could feel my stomach tensing. To calm myself, we asked a shop assistant if they had any in stock. Of course, it was the one rack I didn’t look at that they hung on. I tried it on and was a bit nonchalant about it, but  I think that was because it was new. The Mister, who I really have to say was incredible on our shopping expedition today, told me to stop being silly and that I looked lovely in it. Walking to the counter, my pulse raced and my stomach was in knots. I could feel myself getting short of breath and dizzy. The girl who once loved shopping and would buy anything and wear it only once or twice was now experiencing anxiety at buying something that would certainly become a staple of my formal wardrobe.

Am I okay? Yes, I am. Am I happy with my purchase? I imagine I will be in time, and that on Saturday I will be quite happy indeed but right now, it’s still not quite sitting right for me. So much so that it’s still got the tags on it in its bag, while all the other items were put away instantly. I think I’m thinking I will find some time this week to go op shopping and find the perfect – condition and price – cover up. I know I’m being irrational, I’ve got four days at TAFE, one of which I have to leave early and head to Geelong to start doing wedding set up Thursday night and Friday. When I put together What To Wear Wednesday #8 I fell in love with the shawl so I am confident that in time, I will love it again.

Is there something that gives you an uneasy feeling that you used to love or is an inescapable part of life?