Spring Wedding: What To Wear Wednesday #9

You know how some years are years where you’re invited to wedding after wedding after wedding? That’s what this year is for me and The Mister. This year is not the Year of the Sheep, it’s the Year of the Wedding! There are five weddings in our calendar this year, including our own. Four out of the five weddings have been or will be hosted in Melbourne and Geelong; one of them is even a spring wedding. The fifth wedding, which we unfortunately are unable to attend due to budget constraints, is being hosted in Hawaii. Ordinarily, I’d give lots of thought to what I’d wear to a wedding but because we’re celebrating in spirit here in Melbourne instead of Maui, it’s okay to wear my pyjamas! But, maybe I should hold that thought and see what I would wear if we were there celebrating with L & S on their special day. Come with me as I step back into the late 1950s/early 1960s with this dream outfit for a dream spring wedding in Hawaii.

Spring Wedding Guest Attire

Call me old fashioned, but I’m noticing a great number of women wearing white dresses as guests to a wedding, and I think this is a little too much. As a wedding guest I’m always mindful of what I wear, and plan my outfit months in advance. Seeing as how L & S are marrying in the northern hemisphere’s spring (how divine!), I know I’d want to have an outfit planned in my head and either have it with me on board from Melbourne to Hawaii, or find something when I arrived in America. I decided to have a look at a few wedding planning sites to see where I could get vintage inspired dresses, and found that Lover.ly had an amazing array of dresses for all walks of life, including vintage inspired dresses. Dresses perfect for spring wedding brides, bridesmaids, and guests. What I love about Lover.ly is that it is an absolute treasure trove of all things wedding. Getting married and not sure where to start? Head to Lover.ly’s Wedding 101 for tips and insight into all things wedding planning. Need some inspiration on how to style your wedding? The Inspiration pages are divine. Need more wedding dress inspiration? Lover.ly’s section dedicated to wedding dresses is heaven on a screen!

Now, I don’t know a single detail about L & S’s spring wedding, it’s all under wraps, so I’m styling an outfit based on my knowledge of their personalities and style, as well as thinking of the lush lawns of resorts, the blue waters, and the amazing landscapes of the islands. I’m thinking something bright, something fun, but also something elegant.

| 1. Necklace | 2. Earrings | 3. Bracelet | 4. Shoes | 5. Clutch

I’ve gone a little patriotic (to Australia, of course!) with this outfit opting for the floor length Alfred Sung gown in Appletini (found at Lover.ly) and gold-toned accessories from ModCloth. Keeping in mind the warmer climate in Hawaii in spring, I’ve omitted a wrap but you could just as easy incorporate one into your look. I’m also dreaming a little because at 5’2″, I don’t ordinarily wear floor length gowns, nor do I wear heels greater than 2-2.5 inches, but I could not resist pairing those shoes with that dress. A little self-indulgence is okay when you’re dreaming!

Now. That Dress. Oh my word, it’s divine. The gorgeous green apple colour, the high pleated neckline and the waistband. Initially, I was drawn to the dress in Midnight, but then I saw the Appletini and knew that would be what I would wear if I attended L & S’s Hawaiian wedding. The style makes me think of swanky cocktail parties. The high neckline falls into gorgeous straps running just below the shoulder blades. Fastened with a zip at the rear, this dress exudes style, elegance and poise.

“Before leaving the house, a lady should stop, look in the mirror, and remove one piece of jewellery.” – Coco Chanel

Although I’ve got all bases covered with the jewellery, there is such a thing as too much, particularly with statement pieces such as those pictured.  When I’m working with my accessories, I accessorise piece by piece, and if something is too much, it comes off. Starting with the earrings, I’d see how they look on their own, and then add the necklace. If I like the necklace more than the earrings, the necklace stays and the earrings are substituted for something a little more subdued. If I like the earrings more than the necklace, I skip it or replace it with a brooch or a toned-down necklace. As this dress has the gorgeous high neckline with the pleats, I would possibly even skip the necklace altogether and just go with earrings and a bracelet.
Please Note: the earrings pictured are currently out of stock at ModCloth, but you can request them to come back in to stock. Alternatively, they are available in silver.

 Do you have a spring wedding to attend this year? How far in advance do you plan your outfits?