What to wear: Black Tie Wedding

Recently, we received an invitation to a Black Tie Wedding. It’s a family wedding, so I couldn’t wear just any old thing, nor did I have anything suitable in my wardrobe for such an event.

Here in Australia, it’s summer from December through to February. While I dreamed of a beautiful floor length gown with a vintage fur (or faux if I couldn’t find one in budget) and gloves, I knew it was just not practical. I did Google to see the parameters for modern day Black Tie standards, and found that cocktail gowns are deemed appropriate. I found the perfect dress (see Black Tie Wedding: The Winter Edition for styling) but as it was on its way to me I realised I ordered a size up from my regular size. Bother! It was well too big, and just as well because it was fully lined and velvet – not ideal for a summer day!

An agonising process, I waited a little longer before placing an order at ModCloth on Cyber Monday. I’d been hoping the dress I was eyeing off would be a Black Friday special but alas it was not. Thank goodness for Cyber Monday – although we don’t celebrate Thanksgiving here in Australia, I know I sure am thankful for the Black Friday/Cyber Monday sales. The dress arrived to me a few days ago, and although it runs a little big around the waist, it fits quite well everywhere else. I sourced the perfect shoes (pictured) and think I’ve found accessories for my outfit, but need to put everything together so that hopefully it will turn out a little like what you see below in Black Tie Wedding: The Summer Edition.

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