Spring Wedding: What To Wear Wednesday #9

You know how some years are years where you’re invited to¬†wedding after wedding after wedding? That’s what this year is for me and The Mister. This year is not the Year of the Sheep, it’s the Year of the Wedding! There are five weddings in our calendar this year, including our own. Four out of the five weddings have been or will be hosted in Melbourne and Geelong; one of them is even a spring wedding. The fifth wedding, which we unfortunately are unable to attend due to budget constraints, is being hosted in Hawaii. Ordinarily, I’d give lots of thought to what I’d wear to a wedding but because we’re celebrating in spirit here in Melbourne instead of Maui, it’s okay to wear my pyjamas! But, maybe I should hold that thought and see what I would wear if we were there celebrating with L & S on their special day.¬†Come with me as I step back into the late 1950s/early 1960s with this dream outfit for a dream spring wedding in Hawaii.

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