Taking Stock of Me

A couple of weeks ago, I saw MumptyStyle’s post on Facebook and knew that, although I too hadn’t been tagged, I wanted to play a part in the Taking Stock blogging tag. I know I don’t share enough about me with you, and today I’m going to give you a bit more of an insight into what makes me me!
I hope you enjoy learning more about me as much as I have had fun answering the prompts.

Fun and Frivolous Facts About Me

Making: Mental lists of all the things I need to do this week. I ought to transfer them to paper lists so I can physically cross things off and feel a sense of accomplishment. I always work better with lists.
Cooking: Is not really my forte, The Mister use to be a chef. Baking on the other hand is right up my alley.
Drinking: Herbal Tea or water. There’s not really anything else that takes my fancy. Rather boring eh?
Reading: Slowly but surely, Elizabeth Gilbert’s Eat Prey Love. I need to make some time to read more of this lovely book. I’ve been trying to read it for roughly four years, but my uni work kept getting in the way.
Wanting: The time and skills to learn to sew.
Looking: For the perfect 1940s style black hat and coat to wear for a photo shoot in two weeks (if anyone has one they’re willing to loan me, I’ll be eternally grateful!)
Playing: Our wedding ceremony songs over and over in my head.
Wishing:That the Australian Prime Minister and his government would recognise the dire need for climate action.
Enjoying: New friendships.

Dinner at a new friend's house

Dinner at a new friend’s house, Miss Poppins and Me. Divine!

Waiting: (Im)Patiently for the day we marry. Just 61 days to go!
Liking: The direction my life is taking
Wondering: If I will have the time to get the kitchen curtains up before our wedding?
Loving: Snuggling with The Mister on these cold wintry nights.
Pondering: Should I go a nice red or a nice brown before or after the wedding?
Considering: Starting a recipes and cooking section on the blog.
Watching: Married at First Sight (ch. 9, Mondays), Love Child (ch. 9, Tuesdays) and Say Yes To The Dress Atlanta (YouTube).
Hoping: That I’ve not bitten off more than I can chew with two businesses!
Marvelling: In the fact that I have finished my degree after four and a half years!
Final Assignment: My Degree is DONE!

Needing: More time in the day for work, rest and play!
Wearing: Not a lot of pretty dresses as it’s so cold. I’ve had to resort to jeans because I can wear my thermal leggings under them. Anything to keep my back from giving out.
Following: Atomic Mingo. Lixxie’s brooches are just too darned cute! IG: @atomicmingo and Facebook
Noticing: Our bedtimes seem to be getting later and later, when all we want to do is sleep!
Knowing: That I really ought to be writing up a weekly schedule and writing product listings but researching vintage things and sourcing vintage goods is much more fun.
Thinking: That sometimes I should just bite my tongue and keep on keeping on.
Admiring: The Miss Pin-Up Australia Contestants. Watching the Victorian State Finals (blog post coming soon!) was incredible. So inspiring.
Sorting: Appropriate storage solutions for my growing stock!

Buying: Wedding necessities, photo shoot necessities, and stock.
Getting: Excited to marry the love of my life (not sure if you can really tell!?)
Bookmarking: Lots of research – business, wedding, and personal.
Disliking: The backwards way in which Australia is headed.
Opening: Alexie RicRac Sustainable Vintage Wares Etsy and Ebay stores very soon!!
Giggling: At The Mister’s funny faces and at the fact that he flinches so much when I put my cold hands on his stomach when we’re snuggling in bed.
Feeling: Overwhelmed by the clutter in the house.
Snacking: On not much, really. We don’t have anything to snack on!
Coveting: 1940s black hats on Etsy.

Barbara Charles of California Black Hat

Barbara Charles of California Black Hat on Etsy

Helping: Women across Australia to take a stand against bullying.
Hearing: The voices inside my head telling me what I need to be doing next!

Hopefully that wasn’t too much of an information overload for you. Did you learn something about me you didn’t already know?