That moment of clarity before the New Year strikes

Impromptu last day of the year entry.

A few weeks months ago, I decided that I wanted to really make a concerted effort when it came to blogging. Sure, I’m not the only one who’s had this epiphany, but I realised that I do want to tell my story and to hopefully have others share in my journey. I enjoy writing, so why the heck not?

I’ve been pinning things left, right and centre (outside of my desire to lead a vintage life, I also make children’s invitations and stationery and all my Pinterest activity happens on my biz profile) about how to improve my blogs from organisational tips to photo tips to general motivational quotes. I’ve been reading other blogs about improving my blog

, I’ve made myself a blog/editorial planner (that I have still not completely put together and know that I’ll spend tomorrow doing that – eek!) to help keep both of my blogs going in what is going to be a pretty massive year, and just this evening, I finally looked at Bloglovin’. Now I’d heard this Bloglovin’ mentioned by a few bloggers and friends here and there, but it wasn’t until I was having a conversation on the Facebook with Sarah from Creating Contentment just this evening that I decided to check it out. Well, I’ll be, what a clever thing it is. And with that, I was hooked and no longer will have to fret over missing out on blog posts from my favourite bloggers.

With the dawning of new year comes much reflection and path building. Candice DeVille from Vintage Current speaks of Living Bravely in 2015; Sarah from Creating Contentment talks about ‘…looking back, and looking forward’. And to be honest, I didn’t get much further than their posts before wanting to do my little bit of reflecting and looking forward to live bravely in 2015.
I want to slow down, be open to new ideas and experiences, be more connected (I’m deactivating my personal Facebook account, and keeping only a shell profile for blogging/business purposes), be even more organised, and also be more accepting of me.

So, here’s to better 2015, I hope it holds all you could imagine and more.


Happy 2015