Thrifted Finds: What To Wear Wednesday #10

Picking and styling an outfit for you every week is not always easy. Some weeks I struggle to find the right accessories, some weeks I struggle to pick the right shoes. Some weeks I can’t even decide which one staple to base the outfit on. My struggle this week? Figuring out what to NOT include.

Thrifted goods are the best kind of goods.

It might be on the verge of winter here in Australia, but I couldn’t wait to share my latest thrifted find with you! I had been lusting after the Lindy Bop Carola 1950s Ditzy Summer Meadow Floral Print Halter Neck Dress since its release but I’m not buying anything new unless it is absolutely essential. In 2014, I managed to only buy something new if it or something similar couldn’t be found in an op shop, on ebay, Gumtree or Etsy, or if it was something that just shouldn’t be purchased second hand. You can imagine my excitement then when I found the LB Carola Floral Print Dress on ebay. In my size. MY SIZE. And it was in my budget. I just had to hope that no-one bid higher than what I would.

1. Dress | 2. Heels | 3. Cardi | 4. Cardi | 5. Shoes | 6. Cardi | 7. Flats | 8. Flats | 9. Cardi

The possibilities are endless with styling this dress, it lends itself to many occasions. I’ve picked the four main colours of the dress to accentuate its beauty. I don’t own a yellow cardi myself, but do own two short sleeve green cardis, two red long sleeve cardis, and a navy cardi. I also don’t own yellow shoes but I’m sure that can be rectified. I’ll be sure to keep an eye out when op-shopping to add a yellow cardi and shoes to my thrifted goods collection, and perhaps some green flats too.
You needn’t match everything if you don’t want to, in fact you might find it to be too matchy-matchy. Perhaps you could mix it up a little, mixing and matching colours together. You might even decide to pair the dress with different colours altogether. I have a sweet pair of coral peep toe flats that would look just divine with the dress, and I’m sure my navy cardi would be just as lovely. I’ve styled this with items similar to things that I already have in my wardrobe to further reduce my carbon footprint, something I always consider when shopping for thrifted items.

Thrifted finds for rain, hail and shine.

There’s no reason I can’t wear this dress during winter. Wear it with some stockings or pantihose and some closed toe shoes. Grab a warm coat when you head out, and always have an umbrella.  I would suggest a belt as being optional as the bodice forms a basque waist. To achieve the fullness of the skirt as pictured, a 26″ crinoline/petticoat is advised.

I need to make some slight alterations to the dress before I wear it as the previous owner before me stitched the halter straps into regular straps. While I quite like this idea, it’s not right for my bust measurements (it’s actually too big) and I’d prefer to have the option to wear it as a halter and then apply fastenings to the dress should I wish to use the dress with regular straps.

How would you style this dress?