Vintage Hats on Etsy: Friday Finds #9

For a long time now, I’ve been dreaming of beautiful vintage hats. I don’t have any in my collection as yet, but I hope to rectify that situation sooner rather than later. Whenever I’m shopping in op shops and vintage stores, I am like a moth to the flame with hats. I’ve never found the perfect one to start my collection, but one day I’ll be inspired and fall in love with one and won’t be able to part with it, so I’ll give it a new home.


My favourites list on etsy has loads of pretty things, loads of pretty things. It’s sorted into a few lists, including one list specifically for beautiful head wear. My lust-have head wear list is currently stacked at 106. One. Hundred. And. Six. A girl can window shop all she likes, no? Here are a small few off of my list for you all to fawn over. The best part: all are under $100 Australian (postage not included, though may still fall under $100 Australian).

One thing that I do despair about in contemporary society is the lack of hats worn. Actually, there are a number of things I despair about contemporary society but unfortunately there is nothing to be done! Hats are so beautiful, and can give your outfit that extra polish, just like the costume designers gave Rachel McAdams’ character Allie Hamilton-Calhoun in The Notebook.

I’m sure hoping that I can start my collection of vintage hats real soon. And, once I’ve started the collection, I’ll have to start getting vintage hat boxes too!