What To Wear Wednesday #7

It might be the end of summer in just four days with daylight savings ending (hurry up already October so I can have more sunshine!), but when I saw this dress come up on a Facebook buy/swap/sell group that I am a part of I simply could not pass it up. I only tried it on last week in store but because of the fact that I don’t like to buy clothes new (unless I absolutely cannot get it any other way), I didn’t part with the cash.
Styling outfits is a little hard to do with thrifted clothes and accessories though, so I have to show you new items, but perhaps you just use them purely for inspiration, like I do.

I’m the proud new owner of one Hell Bunny Cannes Halter Dress in Black. I have the skirt in white already, and it’s my goal to find the white long sleeve dress in my size – somewhere. This one is as rare as hen’s teeth. The problem with loving a northern hemisphere label is that when the dresses are released, it’s the opposite season so you don’t bother to order it as you’ll have to wait to wear it. In hindsight, Melbourne’s weather is so up and down I could have worn it over summer.

1. Dress | 2. Bolero | 3. Shoes | 4. Earrings | 5. Brooch | 6. Clutch | 7. Polish | 8. Lip Creme | 9. Eyeshadow

This dress could easily be styled with red, black, green, or white but I went with red because I’m feeling strong and bold today. All items are found right here in Australia (woohoo!) and the Chi Chi eyeshadow palette (along with the entire Chi Chi Cosmetics range) is actually on sale right now at Target! You can also buy direct from Chi Chi if you like.

Now I just have to wait for my dress to arrive from Western Australia. I’d have loved to have worn it this weekend to celebrate us – The Mister and I are celebrating 5 years this year, and it’s our last non-wedded anniversary – but alas I cannot. I’m sure it will get plenty of wear though, even in the cooler months. I’ve got the perfect ensemble already sorted in my head and cannot wait to show you.