Winter Wardrobe: What To Wear Wednesday #11

Wednesday already, and boy is it getting cold here in Melbourne! You may have noticed that the last What To Wear Wednesday was two weeks ago.  To fit in with my new schedule and the commencement of Alexie RicRac Sustainable Vintage Wares on 4 June, What To Wear Wednesday styled outfits will be coming to you fortnightly as of today. What does this mean for you, the reader? It means that style posts will be available every second Wednesday, and they’ll be just as awesome as ever, curated from my favourite vintage inspired finds across the web.

Winter Days

The Antarctic chill has hit us early and with great force, so this week my mind turned to trousers and long sleeves. Darker clothes tend to creep into our winter wardrobes, so I’ve tried to warm them up with a nice blue shirt and red accessories.

1. Blazer | 2. Blouse | 3. Trousers | 4. Hair Flowers | 5. Brooch | 6. Shoes

I’m about 156cm/5’2″ with curves that give the Great Ocean Road a run for its money. As such, I find it difficult to find pants that suit my shape without being a mile too long in the leg. I’m keen to try these gorgeous swing pants from Vivien of Holloway (stocked at Vivien’s sister Christine’s store in Brunswick if you’re lucky enough to live in or get to Melbourne!). I love the look of the tapered high waist, and the wide leg of the pant.

I can really picture myself in this outfit, strolling down Collins Street, hair piled high a-la Betty Grable, red flowers adorning my curls, and that gorgeous Erstwilder brooch sitting on my Modcloth blazer’s lapel. The Vivien of Holloway shirt would peek through the blazer (also available in the reverse colour way) in the most appropriate places, too.

Perfect for the office, a trip to the supermarket and other errands that need be run, or just a spot of fun, this outfit is practical, full of delight, and can transition from day to night.

Winter Ways

Of course, being in Melbourne, I’d also need to have a scarf, a hat or beanie, gloves, and an umbrella. And, if it’s really cold, a coat to fight of those chilly winter winds. Winter sure has its ways of letting us know just how lucky we are when the sun is shining. Don’t let it get to you though, enjoy the last 11 days of autumn, crunch those falling leaves, and enjoy any hint of sunshine that might peek through the clouds.

I’m still trying to build my winter wardrobe, though I’m failing miserably. My penchant for dresses, white floral ones to be precise, seems to keep me me from looking for jeans and other trousers or pants. I have just one blazer, three jackets, and most of my tops are sheer or light fabrics, with the exception of three 3/4 sleeve tops. I’ve recently shed some more clothing, so there is room for more, but how do I stop myself from looking at the dresses, even in winter!?

How do you dress for the winter chills?